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IMTA Board Members

This is the list of the current IMTA board members:

  • Hubert ANNEN (Switzerland), Management board Chair elected at the 2016 Steering Committee;

  • Salvatore LO BUE (Belgium), Management board Secretary, elected in May 2016;

  • Myckel CREMERS (The Netherlands), Management board Treasurer, elected at the 2018 Steering Committee;

  • Allister MACINTYRE (Canada), elected at the 2015 Steering Commitee;

  • Maria FORS BRANDEBO (Sweden), elected at the 2017 Steering Commitee;

List of former IMTA board members:

  • Renier VAN GELOOVEN (The Netherlands), 2012 - 2015;

  • Susan TRUSCOTT (Canada), Management board Chair 2012 - 2016;

  • Jacques MYLLE (Belgium), 2012 - 2016;

  • Eri HIDAYAT (Indonesia), Management board Treasurer 2012 - 2018;