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The 61st Conference of the International Military Testing Association is hosted by the Estonian Defence Forces and the Estonian Military Academy.

The Estonian Military Academy (formally known as the Estonian National Defence College) is the only military educational institution in Estonia. The Academy serves the interests of all branches (Army, Navy and Air Force) of the EDF. It provides officer’s basic courses at the bachelor’s level for all three branches and the master’s level course for Army officers. Also, the Academy is responsible for NCO education and training, supporting their personal development through various courses. As a centre for life-long learning, the Academy also offers a number of short-term courses, including language proficiency courses for the Defence Forces personnel. The Estonian Military Academy is also the centre of war and disaster medicine studies and research in Estonia. In addition to training medical personnel of the EDF, it also provides courses for medical students from civilian universities. The Academy is also responsible for the coordination of the EDF’s scientific research activities and participates actively in numerous research activities and projects.

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