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Conference Registration Form


If you wish to register for the conference, please fill out the requested information in the next pages and click the Confirm button at the end.

Required fields have a light blue background color or are indicated with an asterisk (*). These fields must be completed in order to proceed to the next page.

Please use normal casing (e.g. 'John Smith', not 'JOHN SMITH' nor 'john smith').

If you experience any difficulty with the form, please contact us.

Submit your registration form as soon as you can.

For more information on the conference registration fee and social event costs, please refer to the Prices page.

As this registration form also includes social activities, it is recommended that you surf on over to the Social activities page to get more information on the social activities we have planned, before you complete the registration form.

Please also read the General conditions before completing the registration form. You must explicitely agree with these General Conditions in order to register. Please check the 'I agree' checkbox below when you agree with these condition or contact the Conference Team otherwise.