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Adler, A. & Castro, C. (2007)
Battlemind Training System: Mental Health Training Across the Deployment Cycle
Adler, A. & Castro, C. (2007)
Battlemind Training: Continuing the Transition Home
Adler, A., Castro, C., Bliese, P. & McGurk, D. (2007)
The Transition Scale: A Measure of Post-Deployment Adaptation
Adler, A., Bliese, P., McGurk , D., Salvi, A. & Eckford, R. (2008)
Remaining Resilient after Combat: Emotional Disclosure in US Soldiers
Alvinius, A. & Larsson, G. (2012)
Rules of Emotional Engagement: Boundary Spanners in a Civil-Military Collaboration Context
Amrun, I. (2013)
A National Characterized Leader
Andres, M. & Moelker, R. (2008)
Reciprocal Relationships Between Military Personnel, Families, and the Defense Organization
Andres, M. & Moelker, R. (2008)
Closely Connected: The Benefits of Active Engagement During Deployment
Andriessen, M., Bossuyt, T. & Schreurs, B. (2004)
Quality of the Hiring Process: Action Research in the Belgian Armed Forces
Angliani Juwita, V., Astuti, Z. & Nugraha Saefudin, A. (2011)
Descriptive Study of Vocational Identity for Students Whose Parents of Military Mid-level Officers
Annell, S., Sjöberg, A. & Sverke, M. (2014)
Prediction of Training Performance by Bifactor Models of Cognitive Ability
Annell, S., Lindfors, P. & Sverke, M. (2014)
Individual Differences as Predictors of Performance, Satisfaction, Retention and Health
Annell, S., Lindfors, P., Kecklund, G. & Sverke, M. (2015)
Selection and Situational Factors in Recruitment – Time for Reflection?
Annen, H. & Kamer, B. (2003)
Do we assess what we want to assess? The appraisal dimensions at the Assessment Center for Professional Officers (ACABO)
Annen, H. (2004)
Personnel Marketing in Turbulent Times: Recruitment and Retention Activities for Military Personnel in the Swiss Army
Annen, H., Kamer, B. & Bellwald, M.E. (2005)
How to Measure Achievement Motivation? An Explorative Study to Measure Achievement Motivation in a Selective Assessment Center
Annen, H. & Eggimann, N. (2006)
Assessment Center Result as Predictor of Study Success
Annen, H. (2008)
Implementation of a Personality Inventory into an Assessment Center
Annen, H. (2009)
Coaching for Military Personnel – From the Idea to the Implementation
Annen, H. & Frei, S. (2011)
Stressors and coping strategies of recruits during basic training
Annen, H., Boesch, M., Trulec Sefidan, S. & Wyss, T. (2012)
The Transparent Soldier - Comprehensive Assessment of Human Factors in Military Training
Annen, H., Trulec Sefidan, S., Boesch, M. & Roos, L. (2012)
Trust - Easy Go, But Not So Easy Come
Annen, H. (2013)
Nothing is so Practical as a Good Theory
Annen, H. & Boesch, M. (2014)
Resilience as a Predictor for Military Training Outcomes
Annen, H. (2015)
Challenges for Armed Forces in Europe through the Lens of Military Psychology
Anuar, A.B. (2005)
Helping Tsunami Survivors: Providing Psychological Care to Survivors
Arnold, A. & Cremers, M. (2014)
Incorporating the INSPIRE Resilience Scale in the Psychological Selection of Dutch Military Personnel
Arsenault, E.J. & Thompson, B.R. (2004)
The Career Field Structure Implementation Process
Atkins, S. (2009)
The First Survey of Australian Defence Force Families
Atsma, N. (2005)
The Consequences of Implementing an Up or Out Personnel System on Recruitment and Retention
Aubecq, R. (2010)
Monitoring the Performance of the Struggle against Early Attrition
Aude, S.N., Mitchell, D. & Cordes, G.B. (2004)
Development and Validation of Leadership Assessment Instruments for United States Army Commanders, Staff Officers, and Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs)
Aude, S.N., Mitchell, D. & Curtin, P. (2005)
Validation of U.S. Army Leadership Assessment Instruments Within a Multi-rater (360) Pilot Program
Aude, S.N., Mitchell, D., Zbylut, M., Horey, J. & Alvarez, J. (2005)
Identifying and Utilizing Leadership Story Themes from US Army Experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan
Aude, S.N., Karrasch, A., Leonard, A. & Hatfield, J. (2006)
US Army Multi-Rater (360) Leader Assessment and Feedback Pilot Program
Aude, S.N., Conrad, T. & Fallesen, J. (2006)
Study of Army Leader Development Practices: Task 3 Predictors of Collective Leadership Effectiveness (CLE)
Baccman, C. & Jonsson, E. (2008)
What Individual Characteristics Predict Soldiers' Well-Being after Peacekeeping Operations?
Bäccman, C. (2010)
The Quest for the "Re-usable" Peacekeeping Soldier
Bäccman, C. (2011)
The New Volunteers in the Swedish Armed Forces
Bahbouh, R. & Hoschl, C. (2005)
Supporting Military Transformation with Sociomapping Analysis: A Software Tool
Baisden, A.G., Schultz, K. & Lewis-Brown, S. (2004)
A New Era in U.S. Navy Testing: Multimedia Navy Enlisted Exam
Balic, A. & Sedlanic, R. (2007)
Relation Between (Workplace) Mobbing and Psychological Combat Readiness
Balic, A., Filjak, T. & Cippico, I. (2008)
Differences in Soldiers, Commanders and Military Psychologists’ Assessments of Psychological Combat Readiness
Ballantyne, K. & Horn, H. (2007)
Personnel Attitudes to Posting Locations
Banderet, L.A., Rice, V.J, Allison, S.C., Creedon, J.F. & Sharp, M.A. (2004)
Medical Indicators of Successful United States Military-Specialty Training
Banderet, L.E., Merullo, D.J., Rice, V.J., Butler, J. & Marra, D. (2006)
Personal Thoughts and Success/Failure in a Military, Medical Training Program
Bandlitz Johansen, R., Laberg, J. & Martinussen, M. (2014)
Measuring Military Identity: Scale Development and Psychometric Evaluations
Barker, N. & James-Yates, S. (2005)
The Changing Nature of the British Army Continuous Attitude Survey
Barone, V. (2010)
Longitudinal ADF study Evaluating Retention (LASER): Cohort 2009
Barton, N. & Johnson, K. (2007)
Project LASER - Longitudinal ADF Study Evaluating Retention
Belanger, J. & MacIntyre, A. (2007)
A Proposal to Measure Trust at the Royal Military College of Canada
Belanger, J. (2009)
Royal Military College – Personal Harassment Questionnaire
Belanger, J. (2010)
Canadian Forces Officer Cadets: Leadership Behaviour and Personality
Belanger, J. (2011)
Developing the Next Generation of Military Leaders: Challenges, Imperatives and Strategies
Bennett, S. (2007)
Measures Used by the Australian Defence Forces to Enhance Cross-Cultural Awareness in the Provision of Support to the Northern Territory Emergency Task Force
Ben-Shalom, U. (2015)
Dimensions of Operational Stress and Forms of Unacceptable Risk Taking
Bentley, B. (2006)
Preparing Personnel for Chaos and Complexity: Clausewitz and the Nature of War and Conflict
Bentley, B. (2013)
Civil-Military Relations and the Comprehensive Approach to Operations
Bentley, B. & Buchanan, D. (2014)
Leading in Uncertainty, Unpredictability and Volatility
Bertrand, F., Schreurs, B., Lescreve, F., Hansez, I. & De Keyser, V. (2006)
Measuring a Conceptual Model of Military Turnover
Bertrand, F., Schreurs, B., Tibax, V., Lescreve, F., Hansez, I. & De Keyser, V. (2007)
Longitudinal Study to Explain Early Exit: Work or Quality of Life?
Bertrand, F., Tibax, V. & Hansez, I. (2008)
Qualitative Analysis of Pilot Selection and Basic Flying Training
Bertrand, F., Tibax, V. & Hansez, I. (2009)
The Impact of Expectations on Commitment of Newcomers
Bertrand, F. & Tibax, V. (2009)
Why Newcomers Resign? : a Three Wave Longitudinal Study
Bertrand, F., De Nil, V., De Neve, G., Van Landeghem, K., Tibax, V. & Hansez, I. (2014)
Improving Selection: Competency Based Approach and Situational Testing
Bertrand, F., De Nil, V., Tibax, V., Lothe, B. & Peeters, H. (2015)
Situational Judgment Test Measuring Military Key Competencies.
Bester, P. & Schurink, W. (2012)
A Military Attaché Wife's Experience of Expatriate Adjustment
Binsch, O., Van Wietmarschen, H. & Buick, F. (2015)
Relationships Between Cortisol, Optimism and Perseverance
Blackstone, T. & Oswald, F. (2008)
Risk Preference Elicitation and the Role of Personality and Intelligence
Blackstone, T. & Crabb, Jerry. (2010)
Can Individuals Effectively Self Select into the Best Career Path?
Blackstone, T., Crabb, J., Gordon, B. & Van Rensselaer, K. (2010)
An Examination of Differences in Military-Civilian Borrowing Behavior
Blackstone, T. & Bellamy, P. (2014)
Enlisted Skill Group Continuation Rates: Comparison of Model Performance
Blackstone, T. & Bellamy, P. (2014)
Forecasting Sailor's Separation Subject to Multiple Structure Breaks
Blackstone, T.F. (2004)
Recruiting and Retention Strategies
Blackstone, T.F. (2004)
Compensation: U.S. Navy Research Initiatives and Applications
Blais, A.R., Thompson, M.M. & McCreary, D.R. (2006)
The Post-Deployment Reintegration Scale: Associations with Organizational Commitment, Job-Related Affect, and Career Intentions
Blake, C., Willis, R., Bunting, M. & Mislevy, M. (2010)
Non-Cognitive Aptitude Profile Differences between Military and Undergraduate Language Students
Blanc, J-R. & Charbonneau, D. (2007)
A Model of Organizational Affective Commitment in the Military
Blanc, S. & Kelloway, K. (2012)
Combat Exposure and Ethical Attitudes: Preliminary Model and Mitigation Strategy
Blanc, S.J.R., Porter, R.D. & Charbonneau, D. (2005)
Development and Empirical Validation of a New Measure of Transformational Leadership for Use with Officer-Cadets
Blanchette, C. (2011)
Canadian Forces Succession Planning Model
Bliese, P., Wright, K., Adler, A., Cabrera, O., Castro, C. & Hoge, C. (2007)
Measuring PTSD using the PCL
Boe, O. (2015)
Selecting for High-risk Organisations: Character Matters more than Personality
Boermans, S., Kamphuis, W., Delahaij, R. & Euwema, M. (2012)
Perceived Job Demands During Military Deployment: What Soldiers Say in Afghanistan
Bondorowicz, S. (2009)
Innovative Items – Measuring Complex Cognitive Skills
Bondorowicz, S. (2010)
Assessing 21st Century Potential
Bondorowicz, S. (2010)
Critical Thinking - Expanding the Boundaries of Bounded Rationality
Börjesson, M., Österberg, J. & Enanader, A. (2013)
Risk Propensity within the Military
Börjesson, M., Österberg, J. & Enander, A. (2014)
Military Identity and Risk Perceptions
Börjesson, M., Lundqvist, L. & Enander, A. (2015)
Military Work under Extreme Conditions: A Case Study
Borman, W., Lentz, E., Schneider, R., Houston, J. & Bearden, R. (2007)
Adaptive Personnality Scales: Initial Validation Results
Borman, W., Schneider, R., Houston, J. & Bearden, R. (2009)
The Navy Computerized Adaptive Personality Scales: Evidence for Validity
Borman, W., Kubisiak, U., St-Pierre, L. & Darr, W. (2010)
Developing a New Performance Appraisal System for the Canadian Forces
Borman, W., Kantrowitz, T., Schneider, R. & Houston, J. (2011)
A Civilian Version of the Navy Computer Adaptive Personality Scales (NCAPS)
Borman, W., St-Pierre, L., Houston, J. & Schneider, R. (2012)
Continuing Saga of Adaptive Testing Principles Applied to Performance and Personality Measurement
Borman, W., Kubisiak, U., Darr, W. & St-Pierre, L. (2013)
Development of the Canadian Forces' Computer Adaptive Rating Scales
Borman, W.C., White, L.A., Young, M.C., Kubisiak, U.C., Horgen, K.E., Penney, L.M., Lee, V.B. & Connell, P.W. (2004)
U.S. Army Recruiter Selection Research: Another Update
Borman, W.C., Hedge, J.W., Bourne, M.J., Kubisiak, U.C. & Bruskiewicz, K.T. (2006)
Development of New Navy Ratings Scales and Procedures
Bowden, T.B., Keenan,P., Knapp, D.J. & Heffner, T.S. (2004)
Creating the U.S. Army Interpersonal Skills Assessment (AISA) Battery
Bowles, S. V. (2003)
Duties and Functions of a Recruiting Command Psychologist
Bowman, W.R. & Mehay, S.L. (2004)
Selection Criteria for Officer Applicants: An Analysis of Admissions to the U. S. Naval Academy
Bowman, W.R., Pihl, R. & Peterson, J.B. (2006)
Psychometric Factors and the Selection of U.S. Naval Academy Midshipmen: Class of 2009
Bownds, C.D. & Mehay, S.L. (2004)
An Analysis of Educational Credentials and First-Term Attrition
Bowser, J., Mombourquette, C. & Truscott, S. (2004)
Canadian Forces Human Resource System Transformation
Bowyer, S. & Pelly, V. (2007)
The role of Chaplaincy in the Royal Navy
Boyes, F.A.J. & Day, A.L. (2006)
The Trait Self-Descriptive Inventory: An Examination of Abbreviated Versions
Boyle, G. (2011)
Stability and changes in personality across the lifespan: Evidence from self-report questionnaires
Boyle, G.J. (2007)
An Overview of Contemporary Personality Assessment
Bradley, P. (2010)
Psychological Impact of Combat on Army Snipers
Brady, E.J. (2004)
Occupational Analysis in the United States Army: Past and Present
Bray, R. & Pemberton, M. (2007)
Survey of Health Related Behaviors in the US Military: Substance Use, Fitness, Job Satisfaction and Retention Intentions
Bray, R. (2010)
Combat Exposure Implications for Servicemembers’ Substance Use and Mental Health
Bray, R. (2012)
Excessive Drinking: Implications of Combat Exposure in the US Military
Bray, R., Lane, M. & Williams, J. (2013)
Productivity Loss in the US Military, Part 2: A Behavioral Health Model
Bray, R., Lane, M., Williams, J., Engel, C., Jaycox, L. & Freed, M. (2014)
Predicting Changes in PTSD and Depression Among U.S. Soldiers
Bray, R., Engel, C., Williams, J., Jaycox, L., Lane, M. E. & Freed, M. C. (2015)
PTSD Trajectories in Collaborative Care Treatment Among U.S. Soldiers
Bray, R. M., Pemberton, M. R., Williams, J., Green, K. J. & Hunter, C. M. (2008)
Peer and Role Model Influences on Cigarette Smoking
Bray, R.M. & Brown, J.M. (2008)
Influences of Military Leaders, Units, and Deployment on Tobacco Use
Brittain, M. & Gunther, K. (2010)
Building the Plane as We Fly it: Developing and Assessing Cross-cultural Competence in Professional Military Education and Training
Brittain, M. (2011)
Organizational Challenges of Implementing a Multi-Source Assessment for Command Selection
Brou, R., Rice, C. & Mottern, J. (2008)
Composing Teams to Enhance Teamwork Skill Acquisition
Brown, J., Goco, N., Courtney, L. & Smith, E. (2014)
Alcohol Risk Reduction Study with the Sudan People's Liberation Army
Browne, P. (2007)
Socialization and Change: Officer Development at The Royal Military College of Canada
Browne, P. (2010)
The Profession of Arms and the Military Factor
Browne, P.P. (2006)
Officer Cadets at the Royal Military College of Canada: Processes of Socialization
Brugger, C. (2003)
The Scope of Psychological Test Systems within the Austrian Armed Forces
Brugger, C. (2006)
Optimizing Employees Surveys: Implementing an Integrated Approach
Brugger, C. & Hofer, S. (2010)
Testing Visual Attention in the Austrian Armed Forces: The VAB
Brugger, Ch. & Graf-Langheinz, A. (2008)
Optimizing Employee Surveys: The Integrated Approach in Practice
Bruns, S. (2014)
The Interdisciplinary Counseling Program for Military Families under Great Strain
Burgess, C. & Ruscito, F. (2013)
A Competency Dictionary for Senior Officers in the Canadian Armed Forces: Its Development and Application
Burke, E. (2004)
Predicting Safety and Service Orientation: Screening Applicants for Dependability
Burns, J.J., Giebenrath, J. & Hession, P. (2003)
Objective-Based Training: Methods, Tools and Technologies
Campbell, C.A. (2007)
Forging a Partnership to Coordinate Military HR Research
Campbell, C.H., Cantrell, G.A., Generalao, T.K., Sawyer, A.R. & Takitch, J.M. (2006)
Interactive Multimedia Instruction for US Army Training
Campbell, R.C., Moriarty, K. & Heffner, T.S. (2004)
Development of an Army Competency Assessment Test: Experiences and Lessons Learned
Campbell, S., Jackson, S., Hughes, M., Linck, J., Tare, M. & Bunting, M. (2015)
Language Aptitude Measurement for Military Selection: The DLAB2 project
Capon, J., Chernyshenko, O.S. & Stark, S.E. (2004)
Applicability of Civilian Retention Theory in the Military:
Carlstedt, L., Mandahl, M. & Holmberg, L. (2007)
Research-Based Recruiting and Selection Training for Platoon Commanders
Cass, E. & Parush, A. (2011)
Exploring CogScreen-AE as a Situation Awareness Measure for Pilot Selection
Castle, R. & Tasar, V. (2014)
Use of Accredited Certification Examinations in Developing Competency Models for a Profession (e.g., information security)
Castro, C. & McGurk, D. (2007)
Mental Health AdvisoryTeam (MHAT) IV Brief
Castro, C. (2009)
Evidence-based Solutions in the Military: Avoiding the Snake Oil Salesman
Catano, V. & Sutherland, S. (2013)
Validating the OCEAN.20 with a Civilian Recruit Population.
Catano, V., O'Keefe, D., Day, A. & Penney, S. (2014)
Millennial Workers' Competencies and Values: Implications for Military Organizations
Cawkill, P., Adler, A., van den Berg, C., Arvers, P., Puente, J. & Cuvelier, Y. (2006)
The Military Leaders Survey: NATO Military Leaders’ Perspectives on Psychological Support on Operations
Chah, C.L. (2005)
Perceived Soldier Performance in Peacetime and Combat
Chan K-Y., Chan, A.Y.L., Lim, K.H. & Singh, S. (2007)
Measuring the Effects of Values Internalization in a Military Training School
Chan, A. (2005)
A Network Model of Strategic Leadership
Chan, A. & Griffith, J. (2005)
Reflective Practices for Enhancing Leadership Development and Performance
Chan, A. (2011)
Developmental Readiness and Shared Learning Habits in Enhancing Learning Efficacy in a Military College
Chan, D. (2005)
Individual Adaptation to Changes at the Workplace
Chan, K., Chernyshenko, S., Ho, R. & Sam, E. (2013)
Personality and the Motivation for Leadership, Professionalism and Entrepreneurship
Chan, K.Y. (2005)
The SAF Centre for Leadership Development
Chan, K.-Y., Ramaya, R., Singh, S., Ang, S. & Ng, K.-Y. (2007)
Systematic Multisource Leadership Feedback for the SAF
Chan, K-Y., Chua, P-T., Kennedy, J., Ng, K-Y., Ang, S., Koh, C., Ramaya, R. & Singh, S. (2007)
Development of a Multisource Leadership Feedback Instrument for the Singapore Armed Forces
Chan, K-Y., Ng, K-Y., Kennedy, J.C., Ang, S., Koh, C., Ramaya, R., Yeo, W. & Singh, S. (2008)
Multisource Leadership Feedback for Organisational-Strategic Leadership in the SAF
Chapman, D.S., Uggerslev, K.L., Carroll, S., Piasentin, K.A. & Jones, D.A. (2004)
Implications of a Meta-analytic Review of Recruiting Correlates for Military Recruitment
Chapman, D.S. & Jones, D.A. (2004)
Theory-Based Recruiting Practices
Charbonneau, D. & MacIntyre, A. (2008)
Army Culture 2008: Findings from Focus Groups
Chauvin, C. (2015)
National Research Council Reports: The Military Workforce and Mission Success
Cheng, C.Y. & Ser, D. (2005)
Predicting Military Flying Training Outcome Using a Computerised Aptitude Test Battery
Cheok, C. (2005)
Psychiatry Services in the Singapore Armed Forces
Cheok, C. (2005)
Mental Health During Disaster: Caring for Survivors and Relief Workers
Chernyshenko, O. (2013)
Psychometric and Empirical Considerations in the Development of Forced-choice Personality Tests
Chernyshenko, O.S., Stark, S., Prewett, M., Gray, A., Stilson, R. & Tuttle, M. (2005)
Normative Score Comparisons from Single Stimulus and Forced Choice Personality Measures Using IRT
Chernyshenko, O.S. & Stark, S. (2007)
Criterion Validity Evidence for Narrow Temperament Clusters: A Meta-Analysis of Military Studies
Chew, L.P. & Teh, C.A. (2005)
Networks and Sensemaking
Chissick, C. (2005)
The Effects of Separated Service on Retention in the British Army
Cho, Y.J. & Lee, H.J. (2006)
Strategies and Methods for Military Personnel Reduction
Choi, K. (2009)
A Study on the Establishment of the Miltary Distance Learning System in Korea
Choi, K. (2010)
A Model Development for the Military Distance Training Program Requirements
Choi, K. (2011)
Analysis of Combat Competencies Required by the R.O.K. Army Soldiers
Choi, K., Lee & Kwak (2011)
A Study on Validity Improvement of the Job Personality Test Using Contextualized Items
Choi, K., Jeong & Park (2011)
A Situation and Direction of Development for R.O.K Armed Forces Personality Test
Choi, K. & Kim, I. (2012)
Competency Framework for the Competency Based Development of Noncommissioned Officers
Choi, K.-H. & Kim, H.-I. (2006)
Development and Application of Morale Measurement in the ROK Army
Choi, K.P., Cho, K. & Ryang, C. (2006)
Analysis Model for the Military Officer's Job Competency Requirements
Choi, K.P. (2007)
Analysis of Job Competency Requirements of the Retired Military Personnel
Chua, D. & Ser, D. (2011)
A comparison of a novel fatigue assessment test with Psychomotor Vigilance Test in a sleep deprivation trial
Chua, K.T., Cheng, C.Y., Ser, D. & Lim, H.B. (2005)
Development of a Subjective Fatigue Measurement Questionnaire for RSAF Aircrew
Chua, P.T., Ramaya, R., Chan, K-Y., Goh, T., Ang, C. & Goh, T.K.M. (2005)
The Validity of Peer Ratings Under Developmental vs Evaluative Contexts: Implications for Military Leadership Development
Cian, C., Carriot, J. & Raphel, C. (2003)
Perceptual Drift Related to Spatial Disorientation Generated by Military Systems: Potential Benefits of Selection and Training
Cippico, I., Cagalj, A. & Trut, V. (2010)
The Prevalence of Drug Abuse in the Croatian Armed Forces
Cohn, A. & Pakenham, K. (2006)
A Cognitive-Behavioural Intervention for Enhancing Psychological Resilience in Military Recruits
Coleborne, P. (2007)
Validation Study: Australian Defence Force Flight Screening Program
Cooper, M., Fogarty, G., Steele, N. & Burt, J. (2014)
The Revised ADF PULSE Climate Suvery Tool
Cooper, M. & Fox, S. (2014)
Pathway to Change – Review of the ADF’s Selection Interview Model
Cooper, M. & Fox, S. (2014)
Development of a new Test of Mathematical Ability – Test M
Ćosić, K., Popović, S., Kovač, B., Horvat, M., Kukolja, D., Dropuljić, B., Fabek, I., Lolic, Z. & Popović, B. (2012)
New Tools and Methods for Psychophysiological Pilot Training
Coulthard, J. & Dursun, S. (2011)
Work-Family Conflict and the Impact on Military Children
Coulthard, J. (2012)
Organizational Structures in the Return to Work of Injured Service Members
Coulthard, J. (2013)
Harassment in the Canadian Forces: Preliminary Findings
Coulthard, J. & Wright, J. (2014)
Families of the Fallen: Providing HOPE to Bereaved Military Families
Cowan, J.D. (2003)
Neurofeedback Training for Two Dimensions of Attention: Concentration and Alertness
Cox, M. & DeMarco, W. (2007)
A 21st Century Leadership Challenge: The Cultural Imperative of Civil-Military Co-operation
Crawford, K.S. & Wood, S. (2005)
Development of a Guide for Reporting On-Job Counterintelligence Indicators
Cremers, M., Te Nijenhuis, J. & van der Heijden-Lek, K. (2009)
Looking for Instruments to Predict Integrity at the Dutch Armed Forces
Cremers, M., Van der Linden, D., te Nijenhuis, J. & Van de Ven, C. (2011)
General Factors of Personality at the Netherlands Armed Forces
Cremers, M. (2013)
Netherlands Military Recruitment and Selection Centre: a Joint Success ?!
Cremers, M. (2013)
Psychological Selection for Dutch Soldiers; Past. Present and Future ?
Cremers, M. (2015)
Psychological Selection for the Dutch MoD: Past, Present, Future
Cullens, J., Kelly, P. & Wallace, N. (2005)
Military Leadership Centres: Australia Leadership Centre
Cullens, J. (2007)
What Ought One To Do? Perspectives on Military Ethics Education in the Australian Defence Force
Cullens, J. (2009)
Military Ethics Education in the Australian Defence Force
Cullens, J. (2014)
The Professional Development of the Australian Defence Force’s Future Strategic Leaders
Curnow, C., Parish, C. & Fallesen, J. (2008)
Defining and Measuring Critical Thinking in the U.S. Army Context
Darabi, A. (2004)
Measuring Motivation in Instruction and Training: A Cognitive Load Perspective
Das, P. (2008)
The Services’ Image of the Volunteer Reserves
Davis, E. (2007)
NZDF Competency Framework On-line Reporting Tool
Davis, K. (2011)
Cultural Intelligence and Military Identity: Implications for Canadian Forces Leader Development
Davis, K.D. (2005)
Women in the Canadian Forces: Leadership and Institutional Effectiveness
De Beer, M. & Van Heerden, A. (2012)
Screening and Selection of Special Forces - A Mixed Method Exploration
De Beer, M. & Van Heerden, A. (2015)
A Three Year Comparative Exploration of the South African SOF Coping Profile
De Beer, M. & Van Heerden, A. (2015)
Learning Potential, Career Interest and Coping Profile of SOF Applicants
de Bruijn, J., Tops, P., Hogeboom, H. & van Arkel, D. (2012)
The Police as a Learning Frontline Organization
de Graaf, M. & van Gils, M. (2012)
Military Professionalism - An Organizational Challenge by Itself
de Graaff, M. & Mennen, K. (2009)
Inspiring the Inspirators, On the General and his Inspiration
De Roza, C., Ong, S., Luan, C.C. & Ong, K.C. (2005)
Impact of Impression Management on the Criterion-related Validity of 16 PF
De Sutter, P. & Fouchali, W. (2009)
Socio-Professional Well Being Among Belgian Navy French and Dutch Speaking Staff