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Minutes Steering Committee

Singapore, 2005

The 47th Annual Conference was held in Singapore on November, 8th-10th, 2005 in the Pan Pacific Hotel. The hosts were the Singapore Armed Forces' Applied Behavioural Sciences Department, the SAF Centre of Leadership Development, the Future Systems Directorate, the SAF Counselling Centre and the Psychological Care Centre. The IMTA conference was preceded by a series of workshops on Monday November 7th.
The Republic of Korea was accepted as new member of the IMTA. The Harry Greer award was presented to Mr. K.C. Ong in the Raffles Hotel, during the banquet.
On Friday November 11th, a tour to Little India, the Santosa cable cars and the 'Battle Box' concluded the conference.
Singapore Merlion Statue
A new IMTA member: the Republic of Korea
KC Ong and 4 previous Harry Greer Recipients