About the IMTA

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How to become a member of the IMTA?

If you consider joining the IMTA, we would suggest you check the by-laws on our web-site (Click here for the bylaws). You will also find the proceedings of last years’ conferences on the website to get an idea about the presented papers and some pictures to get the flavor of the conference atmosphere (Click here for the past conferences).

If you want to propose your organization to become a member (organizations and not individuals are members of IMTA), please have a look at our PowerPoint presentation presenting IMTA and telling you how to apply:

  • Click here to view or download the .pdf version of the PowerPoint;

IMTA is a non-profit association with no permanent sponsors. Member organizations do not pay fees. The costs of organizing the annual conferences are essentially paid by the registration fees of the participants. The organization hosting the conference can sponsor the event but does not have to. The Edinburgh IMTA Conference (2000) for instance had no other financial support than the registration fees. These fees cover the costs of the maintainance of the website, the costs involved with the conference facilities (coffee breaks, rooms and visual aids, reception, banquet…) and the publication of the proceedings on the web.

The main activity of the IMTA is to organize an annual conference. This is done by the member organizations. So it is likely that some years after becoming a member, the heads of the members of the steering committee will turn into your direction when the location of future meetings will be discussed. Since some member organizations have relatively limited means, it is perfectly acceptable (and very feasible) to co-host a meeting with different nations (this was done for the Rotterdam and the Edinburgh meetings). We hope this gives you enough information for the moment, if not, don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.