Publications of the IMTA
International Military Leadership Association Workshop

The International Military Leadership Association was started by members of leadership institutes, military colleges, and other military leadership researchers who were attending International Military Testing Association (IMTA) conferences. The inaugural meeting was held during the 2005 IMTA conference held in Singapore. The association currently uses the acronym IMLAW (International Military Leadership Association Workshop) to reflect that it meets as a workshop within the IMTA conferences. The aim of IMLAW is well described in the Foreword of the 2007 IMLAW publication: “provide a venue to discuss and share military-specific leadership knowledge, contribute to leadership doctrine development, and, as well, explore opportunities for collaborative research.”

A tangible outcome of IMLAW has been the annual publication, since 2006, of an edited volume on a selected military leadership topic. All IMLAW books are available in pdf format from this website. To request hard copies of an IMLAW book, email, stating the title, quantity, intended use of the publication, and mailing address.

IMLAW meets as a workshop held during the IMTA conference. Anyone attending the IMTA conference is welcome to attend the IMLAW workshop. During the workshop, members of leadership institutes and military colleges give summaries of developments in their nation’s military leadership programs. The topic for the next publication is also determined during the workshop


International Military Testing Association Publications on Military Life

While military leadership is without a doubt extremely important, in 2017 the International Military Testing Association started a new series of IMTA volumes that will explore dimensions of military life that extend beyond leadership.